Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling inspired..

Sometimes... ok no, all of the time when I see people
doing things that I can do and I'm not doing it I tend 
to act like a middle school girl. I get crazy jealous, 
get mad at myself for not doing it first and then sad. 


And this girl's blog and life I just.... 

How cool is this?

Her page is even cooler... and so is her logo.
Ugh. So jealous.

The teen angst hurts so bad.

You know this means I'm going to most 
likely change my blog logo.

So I guess you could say I'm "inspired"
... or you could say I'm a petty bitch.

Either one would be true!!


  1. I love your logo. don't change it.
    check out this other artist, danielle, she's awesome too.

  2. Or maybe change the font but I love the little you and the umbrella

  3. i just checked it out! I love this illustration

  4. No t! Just think there's some girl out there that's thinking the same thing about your page!! There's nothing better than being you with your fashion I think the same goes with your blog page! But that's just my two cents


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