Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Man Post: General Rules

Finally someone gets it.

And by "gets it" I really mean, what kind of anal retentive control freak wrote this... 
or do you think the whole restaurant staff sat down together and collaborated
on a wish list of "General Rules." I like to think it was a group of people 
consisting of an old person, a middle-aged mom, a buzz kill (ie the first two people)
and a bitter virgin.

This happened a few weeks ago..
and I really don't know how or why I didn't post this sooner.

These were "rules" that you could find in the restrooms of a LES restaurant.
(A restaurant that only accepts American Express mind you.)
 And I know people.. I'm in the "singles" arena now
and I should probably appreciate something like this... or should I...

Cock Block or Mature Drinking Environment?
Both sound terrible.

Now everything looks pretty standard..
up until "Do Not Wet the Floor."

So you're telling me I can't piss on the floor, there is absolutely NO CHANCE 
of getting hit on and I am prohibited from blacking out and drunk dialing
 a dozen of my closest ex boyfriends therefore making a complete ass of myself?
Because you're taking all the fun out of a casual night out for me.


  1. You'd think since they were going out of their way to be picky about things, they'd have proofread the sign first.

    "If you had one too many drinks is time to go home."

    Good one.

  2. Dammit Dena.... that was my comment too.

  3. this cant be for real. someone needs to pul the stick or the entire broom out of their ass

  4. I'd never need to be told to lift my chin slightly and ignore someone. Isn't that implied?


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