Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food, drinks and family

Escaping to my beautiful home town and Southie
for the holidays was just what I needed after such a crazy first week of work.
I got to see my family and friends and eat so much food!

Mom and I

Best Cousins

Watching football with the boys

My little munchkin!!!

The food was amazing.. and my drinks were pretty good too!

The perfect turkey

My mom's cake pops! 

And what I decided to contribute to the 
Thanks Giving Day feast was a festive fall cocktail!
The Kosta women with a severe sweet tooth didn't care for it
but everyone else (uncles, great aunts and cousins) 
who can appreciate a tasteful martini absolutely loved it!

The Apple Thyme Martini

This drink is light, not too sweet and gets you tipsy.
It was the perfect before dinner drink.

To get the recipe for this delish drink visit The Proper Drink
and enjoy!

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