Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On a train home for the holiday..

Right now I am sitting on a train on my way back home
to celebrate Thanks Giving with my family.

I seriously couldn't be more excited.
I miss my family and my friends and my home town.

I just nice to be able to go home and have your biggest worry
be about how I'm getting to my best friend's house without a car.

Thanks Giving has always been a favorite of mine.
My family is hysterical and the food is always absolutely amazing.
This year I have decided that I am of the age where I should
be bringing something to the table... literally.

Since I don't have time to cook I shall bring some "spirit."

Yup! I will attempt to make Apple & Thyme Martinis!
(courtesy of The Proper Drink aka my roommate)

I will post the final product after the holiday.

Happy Thanks Giving!

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