Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

This weekend was great. 
I went home to celebrate my mom's birthday.
We went for a morning walk around my town, which is always lovely!
As you can see above there was a new addition.
Maybe Edward Scissorhands really does dwell in my burb.
I think it's kind of cute.

It's so nice to get out of the city and breathe clean air.
We went out to dinner in down town Boston 
to Legal Seafood where we had a few too many martinis!
The food was amazing and we didn't stop laughing the whole time. 
Especially when the words "Sea-man Special" came out of my mouth 
instead of "Fisherman's Platter", which was obviously the real name of the dish.
Freudian Slip. 

It feels good to be back in New York.
I am absolutely exhausted.

But more importantly..... I did it.
I finally created my men's blog.

Drum roll please.......

Please press the follow button and support my 
menswear addiction.  I hope you like it!

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