Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Taming of the Scrooge

Bergdorf Goodman

I always thought Bergdorf Goodman was magical, however I figured once
I worked there the magic would slowly fade away.. but I was so wrong.

Today was great.  I met the most wonderful and kind people.
Magical is really the only way to describe my experience.  I mean they conjured up a miracle today.
I fell in love with Christmas all over again. 
 Not only that, but I fell in love with Christmas trim again.
Now, if you're in my line of work you know that this is truly a Christmas miracle.

When I walked into their Christmas shop I felt like a little girl.
My stomach dropped and my eyes couldn't stop moving around the space.
There was a ferris wheel and and mechanical polar beer and Christmas music softly playing.
Everything was so sparkly.  I literally couldn't stop smiling.

The realization of the taming of my Scrooge hit me when I was hanging the trim in Home.
 I was fluffing the most beautiful garland with gold pinecones,
layering in these extremely fragile white berries by hand with the most
perfect French music playing in the background. 

It was seriously heaven. 

To make the day even more perfect I treated myself to a 
"you finally made it to Bergdorf" victory lunch in the BG restaurant.
I love dining by myself.. especially when I'm eating Ahi Tuna Tartare 
in the most beautiful environment, designed by Ms. Wearstler.

Just wanted to share. 
And I get to do it all over again tomorrow!

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