Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Holiday Party Present!

How do you make a dress that goes past your knees
and looks like a night gown you wore on Christmas Eve Night
about 15 years ago look freakin awesome?

You throw thigh high leather boots on.

This was my "I want to look like a present" holiday party outfit! 
Complete with my Kate Spade bow cocktail ring!

A great look if you date a pedophile! 

This was a Christmas present from one of my best friends from home.
I get so excited this time of year to whip it out!
It's my favorite holiday accessory.

Another favorite cold weather accessory.. besides fur neck piece..
are my old school Jan Bret style Gant by Michael Bastian gloves!
So warm and I'll never lose them!


  1. Christmas bow ring? WHAT.
    Statement and two questions:
    I have a fur trapper hat.
    1. Is this okay to wear?
    2. Was it ever okay?

  2. Dee you're in luck! those are actually a huge trend right now and I'm sure your's is authentic which automatically makes it cooler. Wear it!

  3. This exchange just made me miss you both so much hahaha.

  4. I just laughed out loud at the first caption. You are adorable... and creepy.


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