Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love this city and I love when friends come to visit.

This weekend my Noodle came to visit me!
It was so nice to have a little piece of home to hang out with.
Our time together was mostly filled with shopping and eating.

On Saturday we went for brunch at Nolita House where we listened 
to a live Bluegrass band play while we ate the most delicious food.

Even the chalk board is mocking me.

Then we did some Christmas shopping in Soho!
I am the best sister in the world and Noodz is the best girl friend.
We got some pretty diesel men's gifts.

The visual set ups at the stores were awesome.

This store was called Love, Adorned.
They had the most beautiful interior set up.

Not to mention they had the most beautiful Lapis Lazuli 
vintage cocktail ring from India.  
Only $1,300. Any takers? Or should I say givers?
I've been a good girl this year!?

Sunday morning we drove over to Williamsburg 
and had eggs benedict in this adorable restaurant served by 
a waiter that was equally as adorable.

If you look really hard.. our cute waiter
is the one with the flannel, the 5 o'clock shadow 
and the sweet drifter hat.

Oh, and PS... tomorrow I will be bringing the vanity fashion photo fest back!
See ya then!


  1. So fun! and love your head wrap.

  2. sooooo.... You can relay to Nicole that we are no longer best friends.


  3. oooooo.... totally should have called you..


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