Monday, January 9, 2012

Seasonless Skort on a Winter day.

This my friends, is a modern day "Skort."
Yes.  As of recent I've been bringing back the 90's
via my angsty spirit and my grade school garb.
Embrace it. Love it. Deal with it.

Probably wiping a tear away.

Creepy smile aka Chach-face.

ADD.  What?

Real life action shot!
Adventures in DUMBO.

Another great example of a third grade throw back..
My crushed velvet floral overalls. 

I mean ladies... 
if this doesn't get you a man.. then, I just give up.
Honestly.... I gave up. 

Dressing for the girls is what I do.
And the first straight boy to appreciate that.. 
will most likely be the one.


  1. I just died when I saw your first pic of just the legs (since that was actually just my bad photography skills) .. That skort was so badass in person- i think you were wiping away a tear because Chuck flew away!!!

  2. BAHAHAHAHA! most amazing post and photography skills ever! i will be covering our adventures tomorrow. get excited!!


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