Monday, January 9, 2012

This day reassured me of why I moved here.

Sunday was awesome.
My friend Sadah and I went over the East River
and through the woods of The River Cafe exploring 
and experiencing the beautiful side of Brooklyn!

Actually we had bigger plans for the day..
which completely fell through, but it turned out
to be an awesome day.

We started out wanting to go see the World Trade Memorial.
We failed miserably.  You need tickets and by the time we went
to get in line the wait was outrageous.  Then we realized
that we live here......... and we could purchase tickets online
and come back another day.  It took us way too long
to figure that one out.

We walked through the cemetery.
It was comforting.  It felt like home.
(Massachusetts has a loooot of cemeteries.)
Needless to say it was beautiful.

Then we went to the South Street Seaport
and got on a ferry to go over to DUMBO!

These photos are from our ferry ride to Brooklyn!
It was just a liiiittle cold.

Here are our adventures in DUMBO..

This carousel was so pretty.
It was encased by glass which let the most 
beautiful natural light it. 
So cute.

We wondered through the garden at
The River Cafe!

We enjoyed some Hotty Toddies at
Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg.

And then we ended the night with some Spanish food.

Good times!
Love my new weekend buddy!

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  1. ouuu hot tottys i've always wanted to try those!!!!!!


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