Monday, April 30, 2012

Those were the days

When I lived in Southie my friends and I would go to this hole in the wall
called Portobellos.. I just looked it up and apparently the real name is "Cafe Porto Bello".
Whatever... Lies.  Anyways, the food was the most amazing Italian food 
I've ever stuffed my face with.  It was a date night regular.  

I was looking through old photos and found these and it brought me back.
It was such a tiny place but it was so cute and quaint.  The food was soooo good that 
the lack of elbow room didn't even phase you.  My little Noodle took this photo.
That was a good day.  We got drunk in the day light and wandered around this random 
street fair that was going on right outside our doorsteps!  Thooose were the days.

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