Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little piece of Oklahoma

I've had a really rough week so far... and it's only Wednesday.
I came home from an after work drink with the roomy last night and there was
a lovely surprise waiting for me... it was just what I needed! 

Yes.  I am 26 years old and I have a pen pal.  Jealous? I bet you are!
It is a modern day friendship fairytale!  I remember it perfectly.
I was out for drinks one night at this Texas themed bar with my man.
He was being entertained by some friends while I, of course, was playing on my phone.
I had stumbled upon this "Taryn" girl's Instagram (the name was purely a coincidence) 
and completely fell in love with her photos!
I started liking her stuff, she started liking mine. You know how it works!
The next thing I know I get a message from the adorable gal
and we started discussing our extremely similar creative eye and the rest is history!  
Now we send cute little cards and gifts to one another
and this is what came for me yesterday! 

My little piece of Oklahoma that her and her husband found at a vintage store 
to go along with my little piece of New York that I found 
while cleaning out my visual storage space at work.  I love old Polaroids.. 

This was the last care package I sent to her (and her hubby)!

She even documents things like I do.
And now there is confetti all over my room and I love it.
Social Media is pretty magical but pen pals are the best.

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