Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last but not definitely NOT least. 
Dinner at Balena.  Hoooly shit. I have never tasted food
like this before in my life.  Plus the drinks were out of control fantastic 
and more importantly.. the ambiance and design was great.  
A perfect hybrid of masculine and feminine. 
A whispering of shabby chic among the most beautiful industrial pieces.
The perfect portrayal of "Italian with a Mid-western twist",
which is the inspiration behind the food.
The service was impeccable too!

I had such a lovely time.

To start I had the bruschetta of oil poached tuna with marinated beans.
It's definitely a starter for two... I ate the whole thing.  Totally fine.
The flavors and textures were so unexpected and just absolutely perfect. 
Then came my entree.  Ricotta ravioli with swiss chard in a brown butter sauce. 
Heaven.  Heaven. There was a slight hint of lemon.. I can't even.

For drinks I had the Manlino and the Strawberry.
Both fantastic and refreshing.

I can't wait to go back.
I'm absolutely exhausted.

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