Sunday, May 13, 2012

Table for one, outside please.

 Today was lovely.  I went to Central Park to lay out in the sun,
then went and sat outside for an early dinner.   It was what I needed after 
such an intense whirlwind of a week.  Just some time to myself.

Sometimes I need a meal, outside of my apartment by
 myself to collect my thoughts, eat and have a nice glass of Riesling. 

This week was great hanging out with the Swedes.  They taught me a lot 
about life in general.  To take time for yourself.  That it's ok to step back and take
a time-out to gain creative inspiration.  Everything I grew up knowing, but all of
that was pretty much erased the second I went to college and got a real job. 

I think I just need to take a deep breath, find balance and feel inspired.

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