Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LA love.

LA was definitely my favorite location this past month.
I thought it was kind of cool that I got to ring in my 27th year
there with the best group of guys a girl could ask for!
Even if I barely made it out of the first (and only for me) bar.
Is anyone surprised..... really.....

Ok so of course I took a boat load of pictures.
 I will show them to you of course.. but I must say,
my favorite thing about LA was definitely Abbot Kinney Blvd..
and the architecture.  Everyone I say that to gets pretty weirded out 
because the architecture is a little confused and a bit cold and dark 
at times.... but doesn't that describe my personality perfectly?
 Ok enough about me... let's looks at some sweet shots!

To see shots of the Abbot Kinney store go to Paper Boy.

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