Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Practical Magic Moment

The sun was going down and I was driving on the 
freeway over Half Moon Bay on my way into San Francisco.
I was belting Joni Mitchell's Case of You with the windows down and 
it was perfect.  I felt just like Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic. 

The hills right outside of San Francisco are like nothing I've ever seen before.
It is really amazing.  I love being able to not only see all of these different
cities but I love being able to drive around in them.   I miss driving and singing
along horribly.. not able to carry a tune.. and not caring. 


  1. HA. You felt just like the one who killed her boyfriend, revived him with magic, then killed him again and drove away in his car? is there more to this drive? what. did. you. do. ?

  2. practical magic is my favorite movie to put on in the background! the joni mitchell driving scene is one of my faves! and san fran is huge and wonderful.



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