Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I heart BK

On this lovely Sunday there were lots of people out and about
in the BK trying to cure their cabin fever.. again we were extremely lucky
seeing that there are streets and businesses and houses 
in existence and with power in our borough!

Saying I feel "at home" doesn't even describe how I  feel about Brooklyn.
The people, the design, the restaurants, the stores and the overall lifestyle of 
Williamsburg is so inspiring to me.  I know many Manhattanites would beg to 
differ but for me, as a creative person.. it is like living in a dream world! 

Here is a peek in the day in a life in Williamsburg.

Sadah and I grabbed espresso at House of Wonder 
and shopped around at A & G Merch, The Future Perfect and Brooklyn Flea.

This was my first visit to Brooklyn Flea 
and I bought a little something for one of the (future) stores!
A caste iron easel.

Now I have to finish packing because I am off to
California and then Boston starting tomorrow! More store openings and
some holiday installations are what's on my list!

Shortly after is Georgetown (yaaaaayyy Erica) and Sweden once again!


  1. Yayyyyy Georgetown! And Boston! And did I see scrabble mugs on there??

  2. Miss Erica..... let's just say you'll be seeing it again ;)


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