Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Every last detail...

The San Fran store literally took my blood, sweat and tears...
(one night I may have had too much wine and I may have had some emotions).
Everything, from the gold leaf on the windows to the hand painted mural on the floor
had so much attention to detail that it was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment for all 
of us after the job was done.   It's a lot of fun but stressful at the same time.  We work hard so 
that we get to play hard.  We're pretty good at both I would have to say.

I love these Gant Rugger shops.. they have so much  character.
My store planner is just brilliant.  I feel so lucky to get to work with these people.

Most of the vintage pieces I sourced from WRK Design in Nolita 
(right across the street from our Prince Street location!!) and  ABC Carpet & Home's 
Raw section.  Best part of my job is going hunting for vintage pieces. Most of the lighting 
was sourced (not by me) in Europe and the floor boards were from an old shipyard.
Anyways... of course I took a million and five pictures so here they are!


Quote by Theodore Roosevelt Schwartz III


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