Monday, March 25, 2013

Prep & Paint Process: The Rugger Mural

Last week's store opening was extremely refreshing.
The project itself ran very smoothly and I got to paint a 143 sq ft floor mural.
We documented the process from start to finish, which was the cherry on the top for me!

Usually I source these really gorgeous vintage Persian rugs for the new stores, 
but this time we substituted with a hand painted floor mural.  It was a more graphic and 
geometric "Persian rug" design that incorporated our diamond G logo.  So cool.
A very painful 15 hours on my knees (insert dirty joke here) later.. it was finished and 
welll worth it.  Haven't had that feeling of accomplishment since my college painting classes!

The paint I used was just flat Benjamin Moore interior paint.  No sanding.. just the paint, 
me in my Rugger smock, some painters tape and some sealer and this is what it looked like!
It didn't hurt that the floor boards were beautiful.  Vintage reclaimed wood from a shipyard.


Aaaand wah-lah!  Come grab a beer and check it out in 
person at the Gant Rugger store in Hayes Valley, San Francisco!
Woop! Woop!


  1. love LOVE love it. someday i want floors like that and then i want to paint them. well, i'll help.

  2. Diiiiiid someone say weekend art project??


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