Saturday, April 6, 2013

Artist Love: Sarah Anne DiNardo Vimeo

A little while back I did a post on one of my great and talented
friends from Syracuse, Sarah Anne DiNardo.  A few months ago she
filled me in over the phone that she was having a Vimeo made to showcase
her incredible tape rolling abilities.  I could feel it in her voice that she knew
this was the next step for her.  She finally knew exactly what she needed to
do in order to achieve happiness in this life and that is to make her art.
This video does an incredible job capturing the love, light and passion
behind Sarah's work.  I watched it and teared up a little bit.

It's just crazy to think that about 7... 8 years ago, I was shaking hands
with this lovely girl.  She was just beaming with excitement.  Her firm
handshake immediately told me that she was a good seed.  Our friendship grew
from there and I'm just so happy for her and proud of her.  She's pretty amazing.
Love you Sarah!  And happy almost birthday!


  1. xoxox thank you so much for the love T. It's crazy that it was 8 years ago!!! How many hair colors has it been since then? ;)

  2. I own one of her pieces and I love it!

  3. 7... 7 different hair trends/colors. hahahaa love you my talented one! xx


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