Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It is the perfect night to do so.
For a while I have known that I've needed to take a time out
and just be with myself by myself.  Just sit in silence and not think 
about any other thing that fills my brain on a day to day basis. 

My good friend Sadah just got back from Amish Country (no joke) 
and brought me back this beautiful hand made candle that smells like
lilacs.  It is so perfect.  So I came home.. cleared my bed, put my twinkle 
lights on with the candle and laid down and listened to The Sundays.

{I've been practicing this little ritual since about '97... same album}

My window's open so there's a nice breeze, my room smells like 
fresh lilacs and I'm looking out through the wrought iron fence on my fire 
escape to the brown stone across the street and thinking... Shit.  I have it good.  
All I have to do right now is take care of me.  And next week when I'm in 
Hawaii I will enjoy every fucking second of it.  Have a good night loves.
Be young and live well.


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