Thursday, July 25, 2013


h o m e

Lately the series of photos, that this shot was pulled from,
keeps popping in my head so I thought it was appropriate for a #tbt.
I just reread the old post and it made my heart smile a little because I will
be able to drive past this spot this weekend!  This photo was taken right 
around now, two years ago.  Which is just weird to think about. 

I was on the wrong side of 25 for the first time
and my amazing mother had bought me a macro lens for my birthday.
And I was about to move to New York.  Life was.... scary.. 
and about to change.  A lot.

I'm excited to go home.
I can't wait to be sitting on my dad's porch with him sipping 
a glass of wine having dad chats.  

#summer #happy #tbt

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