Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a small sampling from the big day...

The wedding of the century was indeed the wedding of the century.
Everything came out so beautiful and every detail was executed perfectly.
It was a proud, happy, exciting (every amazing feeling in the world) moment.
So yes... the wedding was beautiful.. but what was even more beautiful
was watching the couple the day before and the day of the wedding.
These two are just.... everything everyone wants and hopes for.
They are best friends, so in love and I have to say.. Jamie's father put it perfectly.
They both just "get it."  They get and understand what life, love and friendship
is about.  They don't take moments and things for granted and they are so respectful and
loving towards each other.  You look at them and can't be anything else but happy for them.
They will truly live a very happy and fulfilling life together.

Here are just a few moments..
More photos to come!


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