Wednesday, September 18, 2013

White hair, tattoos and coffee dreams.

Once upon a time, I had this little dream...... and it's called, 
I want to own a coffee shop, sell my artwork out of it and arrange 
fresh cut floral for the counter every week.  I know it sounds weird and 
like the total opposite of what I am doing right now but.. CALM DOWN,
it's just a dream.  The coffee shop would be in a nature filled small town, 
would serve baked goods as well as coffee and art.  And I have a tatto.. 
and white hair.  Ok that's it.. that's the Taryn Antoniou Dream.

Yesterday I had such a perfect morning.  Before my meeting I 
stopped into Toby's Estate on N6th (between Berry and Bedford). 
As my pour over Guatemala El Tambor coffee was being prepared, ya.... 
I know.... but it was the best pretentious coffee I've ever had!  Anyways.. 
while my hipster coffee was being prepared I found out some excited news!  
They offer brewing classes!!  I am so excited.  The only downfall is that 
they are one on one classes with this really cool Asian chick.. so my dreams 
of falling in love with a trust fund barista dude in a brewing class are over.  
I'm mostly joking... but if you know me at all I'm totally not joking.  
But seriously.  I'm so excited and this girl was telling me about everything
 they offer and for the first time in a while I felt super inspired.  It was fate.
Coffee classes, white hair.. and maybe a tattoo.. here I come!

I also bought a "Danny's Salted Caramel Macaroon" and it blew my mind.
I mean.... best 2 bucks I've ever spent.  Ya know.. besides that Best Friends
heart Halloween costume I bought from Old Navy a few years back.  
Man, that was such a great deal!


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