Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Namaste-ing in the new moon

Tonight, I did something new and I did something for myself.
I went to a yoga class alone at a place I've never been too.  Something new for me.
If I go to a yoga class, it is always with a buddy.  But I really needed some alone time
and some time to center and ground myself.  Lately I feel so claustrophobic between
being broke in this city, other people throwing their problems at me, me hoping I'm not
upsetting people because I can't make time to see them and most importantly, not having
any time to just be by myself.  Basically what I'm trying to get at is that I desperately 
needed this class.  Ironically enough, when the class started the instructor started talking
about the new moon and how it symbolizes a time that you should try new things.
It just made me smile.  I did so well too.  I really surprised myself.
I mean... I sweat so much it stung my little eye balls!

Change is in the air.. my subconscious anxiety is telling me so.
This is the last new moon of 2013, so use it wisely my friends!


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