Sunday, December 1, 2013

S U N D A Y S : Rowan Ackerley

I am currently sitting in my mother's kitchen trying to recoup from 
last night's one-too-many-glasses-of-red better know as my 10 year high school reunion.
Whhhy do I do these things.  I keep getting flashbacks of being way too loud, getting
way too close to people's faces and having way too many awkward things come out of my mouth.
At this point.. my train is at 6 and until then I'm going to order Chinese and sit on the couch
and watch awful Hallmark Christmas movies.  Maybe do a little online Christmas shopping.
Which leads me to my actual point of this post...

If you are also sitting on your couch trying to forget the happenings of the weekend
you should check out my good friend Coleen's new line of floral products called Rowan Ackerley.  Everything she makes is so beautiful and of course perfect for gift giving!  I'm so obsessed with the Violet Ranunculus and Exotic Floral Silk Scarf.  

Coleen is so talented.  What she does is she creates floral arrangements, photographs 
them and then manipulates the images to create these floral designs.  Seriously mind blowing 
and so special.  She tells us what was in each arrangement that makes up the scarf design. 
Such a beautiful conversation piece.

I seriously need to stop shopping for myself.


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