Friday, January 24, 2014


f l o w e r c r o w n f r i d a y | f l a s h b a c k f r i d a y

s t o c k h o l m | n e w y o r k c i t y

Remember that time.. 
when it was summer and I was on a boat on the Hudson..

I do.

Let's go back to that day when it was 108 degrees out
and I had decorated a boat for a Midsummer dinner party.
Everyone got drunk off champagne and sang and danced 
and ate traditional Swedish food off beautiful plates!

I took lots of pictures that I couldn't show until now.. and!
 I can show them now because the SS14 Midsummer STONYC
collection is finally in stores!  Yes.  Midsummer in January.
That's how the fashion world works.

Today was pretty cool too because I received my 
Gant Rugger Midsummer Flower Crown serving tray!
I am super stoked.  I love my job.


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