Sunday, January 26, 2014

S U N D A Y S : Sea Salt Spray

As soon as I turned 28 shit went down.
All of a sudden my skin looks like a preteen's
(I had better skin between the ages 12-17 than I do now)
and I have eczema patches.. it's the worst. 

I don't want to use any harsh treatments on my 
skin so I searched for a homeopathic solution. 
I came across the Wellness Mama blog and 
grabbed this great recipe for homemade sea salt spray.  

I noticed that when I was vacationing in Hawaii my 
skin issues vanished and my complexion was clear.
It could have been a number of factors like the elimination
of stress, the humidity in the air, diet.. however there are 
studies that show how salt and salt water have some pretty 
decent benefits for the skin.  It can reduce wrinkles, 
helps tighten the skin and clears up acne.  
It can also be used for therapeutic purposes which is
known as Thalassotherapy.  

On this snowy and lazy Sunday I made some 
sea salt spray of my own.  Below is the recipe.. 
The pink Himalayan salt is so pretty.
For the essential oils I'm trying Tea Tree oil since I like
the smell, it has a lot of healing qualities and is 
great for the skin.  You just have to be careful because
it could dry you out.  I added pieces of Lavender to make
it pretty.. because that's what's important here. 
I'm going to use it for the next couple of weeks 
and see how it goes! 

I think what the real issue is, is New York City.
Thank God I'll be in LA next week!


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