Monday, February 10, 2014


For the girls:

In honor of New York Fashion Week I am bringing back the fashion post... 
for one day and one day only.  My look is head to ankle Gant, shoes are Gucci.  
The silk butterfly blouse and pants are separates from our Pre-Spring '14 
collection, which can be found on  The Jaquard Smoking blazer is 
from our Spring '14 collection and my head scarf is Gant Rugger.  
When I saw that the butterfly pants had a matching top my brain immediately 
went to full on jump suit.  I mean.. why wouldn't it.  At first when I tried this look 
on I felt a little too... Ellen Degeneres.  But once I slipped on the heels 
and slapped a bow on my head it translated nicely to menswear i n s p i r e d.
Girls, if you live in NYC, Boston or DC you can shop this look in 
your local Gant store!  If not, that's ok!  Just go to

For the boys:

The Gant Rugger FW '14 collection was based on the theme of a 
winter garden,  with a specific inspiration coming from Satoshi Kawamoto's
shop in the East Village, Green Fingers.  The collection embodies our usual
effortlessly cool casual wear with a sprinkling of our "sprezzy but messy" attire.
The piece that had everyone talking was the gold shawler belted cardigan.
My favorite look?  The grey on grey on grey #grail look.  I love myself a 
douchey graphic sweatshirt..... and we do it the best.   The boys in the office 
all seem to have their eye on the shearling jacket.  The navy Green Fingers 
quilted sweat short ensemble is also pretty sharp.  And per usual we have our 
oh-so-popular selvage denim apron mixed in!  This piece is available now 
at all of our locations.  It's a pretty sick accessory to have in the kitchen..
or in the garden!

Bravo Fifi!!  
You were missed but we felt your spirit!


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