Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shit you won't find in #NYFW

Fuck yea!! This is behind the scenes of 
Gant Rugger's NYFW FW14 presentation.  And I'm psyched about it.
My body feels like I ran a marathon and my brain feels like 
"boop bop beep.. boop.."  If you don't understand what that means it's because
it's a Teddy reference from when he didn't sleep for 3 days straight and that
...sentence?... literally came out of his mouth.

The event was really successful.  Everyone did such an amazing job 
coming together and busting shit out.  Satoshi was a pleasure to work with and I found
 myself learning a lot and feeling inspired.  It was a very fun, hectic, anxiety ridden,
ulcer forming, inspiring, creative, at times wanted to punch everyone in the face - 

Here are the photos that you can't find on Instagram when searching #NYFW.

Furniture was from ABC Carpet & Home, vintage crates were from
Daily Memorandom, large chalk boards were built out of MDF board 
and molding that was painted and distressed and the chalk board drawings
are by the wonderful Satoshi Kawamoto!

On Monday.. I bring back the fashion post!


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