Sunday, March 6, 2011

The bitter sweet taste of my past

Through snow, sleet and rain.. literally.. I am finally home! So tired. Great weekend! I mean we knew it would be special when we took our first steps onto Marshall Street and a group of drunk frat guys yelled "hey sluts!" at us... wouldn't be right without a dose of douche! And I love how every bouncer felt the need to ask me for backup because I couldn't possibly be that old!  Awe man SU.. you really know how to welcome back your alumnae!
Bleu Monkey, Alto Cinco, Faegans, Lucy's smoking room, Minderasers, 901 Walnut, 3rd Floor, nostalgic pictures... I think we covered our bases on our bucket list.  See you in 10 years SU!  I can only hope the next time our paths cross I will once again black out, feel degraded and leave with a little less self esteem than what I came with.



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