Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Color Me Green Part I

The Rodarte dress with my Rebecca Taylor cream tweed blazer was a hit today, but it was a long day.   When I got home I took a long shower, changed into my green St. Patty's Day inspired nighty and slapped a Guerlain mask on my face!  Then layered on the Instant Pur Deep Cleansing Masque from YSL.. it's green so I thought it was fitting.  My skin feels amazing and I feel much more relaxed. Bren Bren and I then went on an adventure to Jamie's and Tedeschi's and bought some ghetto ingredients to make chili tacos (my mom always makes chili tacos and I never thought they were weird until everyone I introduced them to told me that it wasn't a normal combo)! They were delish.  

Now I am going to make some St.Patty's Day headbands for tomorrow and Sunday! So excited! 

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