Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tea Time

So I received such a lovely text message this morning from
my good friend Ashley Elizabeth and it said

 "You gave me this cup (and introduced me to this tea) three years ago and it is still the perfect combo on a gorgeous but chilly morning :) I miss you! I'm going to pretend we're having tea together" 

ugh. I wish I was there enjoying a cup of Zen Green Tea with you Ash-poo. The funny thing is, I never make coffee or tea in the morning while I get ready for work.. I literally never do.. and this morning I did.  It wasn't Zen, it was Lemon Zest.. but still!  Our brains were synced.  It sounds like we totally would have made a memory and I love that feeling... it usually happens when seasons are changing, you're doing something serene that you usually don't do on a normal basis, your stomach drops a little bit and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As soon as your stomach drops that's when you know a memory was made.. it's like an internal logging system.  I bet that would have happened if we were together.  

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