Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend gone awry.


I thought this weekend would be filled with magic... and it was, just not the kind that I had in mind.  We planned on going to an alcohol infused magic show.. but instead we decided to support the arts in a different way and ended up at Great Scott for some good old fashion local music.  As soon as my friend and I left we got some drive by compliments, which I considered to be quite magical!  We each got style specific appreciation.. that we, in turn, appreciated! 

Anyways! Today, I got dressed in my James Dean/Breakfast Club gear and instead of getting my cards read, I went shopping... same thing. Not really.  I went crazy and bought three Go International dresses from Target (Tracy Feith, Rodarte and Libertine), sold my soul and left feeling as though I just got completely owned.  I then went to go make a simple return at TJmaxx which turned into a $200 shopping spree.  Things escalated rather quickly, but I got a beautiful Paul & Joe teal silk dress for my friends rehearsal dinner, a denim Helmut Lang shirt and a mauve silk/cotton blend Baraschi ruffle top! Super cute.  I am successfully broke once again.

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  1. You are so adorable and your blog makes my day! xoxo Keep 'em coming tyrone.

  2. You just made my tiny black heart smile Kenzie <3


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