Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to my world.

These little guys are the newest addition to my bedroom.  I've been looking for something like this for years.  I think I'll put some dried floral in them or just leave them be.  OR! Maybe if MD brought me flowers!  I could put those in there... just a thought.   My favorite part is the mint green glaze (yes Lesa!  I know it has a technical term but I just texted you and got no answer) on the inside, and the difference in textures.  

This is what I deal with... everyday.  And this is why I also take up an armoire, a closet at home, a bureau, and a couple hundred tupperware containers.  I hate not having an entire place to myself.  One day, I'll have a huge walk-in closet all to myself.  One day.

Yup! I'm wearing you on Wednesday pretty little thang! I want to layer a button down over her.. maybe tie it up.  There's just so many options! Ok I need to calm down.  She is a pretty little thing though isn't she.  Yes.. I'm verging on creepy.

Just got of the phone with my mom.. She's totally partying it up in sunny FL with her besty, Barbie.  She's out being a cougar. Reeow!  Love you mom!! 

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