Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Enjoying the Silence

I'm on break right now.. sitting next to an older man.... just enjoying the silence of sitting.   I like when people can respect the fact that just because you are near someone it doesn't mean that you are obligated to start talking.  So ya.. we're just chillin out.. me and the old guy. 

I'm feeling very overwhelmed today.  I feel like it's the calm before the storm.  Last night I was flipping through my planner, trying to fit in time to see a friend from far away, and BAM.  My heart started pounding... and yes it's true, I get anxiety over most everything and I am most often referred to as a "little ball of anxiety", but there is a lot of shit coming up in my life.  I have something planned for pretty much every friggin weekend in the moths of April, May, June and July.  EVERY WEEKEND. Plus I'm moving back home in a month and a half on top of it all.  

I am excited to move into my brothers room though.... for all of my life he always had the bigger room. 

But anyways.. basically. If you are one of my friends and you are reading this... just bear with me.  Please.

Syracuse, NY circa 2006

On a lighter note... I have to think of a "Pop Culture" costume for my friends birthday on Saturday... I was going to be Daria since I already have the combat boots, glasses and army shacket (yes shacket... shirt, jacket... to quote my mens fashion icon, Nick Wooster)  BUT I do not have a pleated black skirt... and I really don't have the $$$ to go out and buy one as a joke.... so I might just, once again, be MKO.. I have stuff for daaaays for that look!

Do any of you have any suggestions? I'm not very funny or witty when it comes to this stuff...
..and I'll also take suggestions for the boy too!

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