Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mmm mmm mmmmenswear!

As many of you know I'm not your typical "fashion girl" considering the fact that women's apparel and accessories are not what gets this girl goin' in the morning.... my passion and interest lies somewhere between Chukka Boots and pocket squares.... in Menswear.  I actually get butterflies just thinking about it. Sigh.  

So I noticed for the most part I haven't really done an actual menswear post.. so here it goes.

Some of these images are a little outrageous but.. who gives a shit. I'm not telling you wear it.. I'm just telling you that it makes my heart beat faster.

J.W. Anderson Ss11 Festival Boot with Swarovski Crystal Toe

... you know.. the next best thing to Chippewas... for a real "Man's Man" to wear on the job!  MD... you can't wear through the toes of these bad boys or you're out $3156 (don't worry, a few plumbing jobs and you would get it all back).

Joe Strummer?... I wish.
To get the British Punk look down... it has to just come naturally.. or else you look like a tool.
But that stitch detailing and that wallet chain.... oof!  Kill me now.  I love it. 
When I see this look, only one thing comes to mind....

"I got my motorcycle jacket, but I'm walkin' all the time"

I get it.. Etro isn't the most wearable of menswear in these parts... but you must respect it.

... and what else would perfectly complete an Etro look, besides the obvious answer of an Etro shoe.. a Magnanni Wing Tip, that's what!  These brown suede wing tip beauties give me chills in my pants! Woo!

This is a Canadian Tuxedo done gooood.  Simple with a hint of creativity!

This image, I'd like to refer to as... Adorably Dateable.

..and I refer to this... as dead sexy.

...and this.... is my favorite boy. 
The Classic All-American.

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