Friday, June 24, 2011

Beer Braised BBQ Pulled Chick-own!

This recipe for my Beer Braised BBQ Chicken 
is.. if I may say so myself.. AMAZING!

Everyone who attended my birthday party last year 
can attest!... Everyone who got to
try it at least! (two pan-fulls of pulled chicken GONE
faster than you can say "Happy Birthday Princess")

So I figured... to kick off the season of The BBQ
I would share my BBQ secrets!
If you like spicy and if you like a kick in your chick
you'll love this!

Beer Braised BBQ Pulled Chicken

You will need:
3 lbs of chicken 
24 oz of BBQ sauce (I highly recommend Trader Joe's BBQ Sauce... it has a great kick to it)
3 bottles of Guinness
1 yellow onion
salt & pepper
olive oil (with a little garlic... there's always room for garlic)

First set your oven to a low broil.

Rinse the chicken and then brown it in a frying pan
with some salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic.

Then place the chicken in a 9X13 (or larger) pan.

Next you cut up the yellow onion and saute it with some
pepper and olive oil.

Add the onions, 1.5 bottles (24 oz) of BBQ sauce
and 3 (if you can't fit 3 then do as much as possible)
cans of Guinness to the pan.

Then set in the oven (CAREFULLY now.. don't spill)
for a little over 2 hours.

Then you take the pan out and set it down.
Remove the chicken from the sauce and set it into tupperware.
Then start pulling the chicken apart.

After all of the chicken is pulled, pour as much
of the left over sauce mixture as you want onto the chicken.

Place on a bun.. add some cheese...
Then nom nom. 

Mine came out reeeeeally spicy. But I added a lot of pepper.. mmm. 
I'm more excited to try it tomorrow... after it's been sitting overnight!
Let me know if you try it out!

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