Thursday, June 23, 2011

Emma Stone shoot and I'm a hypocrite.

Hey dolls..
I'm in a weird Debbie Downer mood today.
Maybe because of the rain..

Anyways over the weekend I discovered
that I am the biggest hypocrite.


So, I was reading my newly purchased book 
The Sartorialist on the ferry ride home from Nantucket,
and I read something Mr. Schuman had said that really got me thinking.
He said that he never says what designers
his "models" are wearing.. because it really doesn't matter.
What matters (or what originally caught his eye) 
was their self expression through their clothing.

I know this sounds obvious.
And this is something I've even said before 
and that I whole heartedly believe!
(Don't get me wrong I truly appreciate and love high end fashion)
But the label... isn't what makes my heart beat faster.
It's the personality... the color story.. the different textures
that turn me on. Not the label.
(I mean sometimes the label gets me going even more, but you know what I mean)

When I read through fashion blogs or street style sections of magazines.. 
I get really annoyed when 
the person is decked out in only designer..
And then the whole editorial just applauds them 
for their style brilliance.

I sit there and think 
"Ya Olivia Palermo... I could look that great too
 if I had billionaire parents and 
boat loads of cash at my fingertips!"

Woof! I get myself really worked up.

Ok, ok , OK! ... I'm getting the point of my rant riiiiiight

So obviously.. I know.
I do what I hate most in my own blog!
.. and I am writing this post to say... 
I am going to stop.

Originally my style section (The Paperdoll) 
was suppose to show my personality through fashion 
and the scenarios that I create in my head through each outfit.

Then I started writing who or what each piece was so
that people could see that I mix designer names with 
"normy names" and if you wanted the same look you 
would know where to go to get it!
But the more I read through it the more annoyed 
with myself I become.  I've gotten so far away
from my original inspiration and purpose for this blog.

SO from now on... yes. I will still discuss designers that I like..
YES, if I buy a new piece that I am excited about I might say 
who makes it or where I got it.. but as for my styling 
section... there will be no more boasting about 
the designers or non designers that I am wearing.

If you guys ever have a question about anything I am photographed in 
PLEASE ask away! I just don't want to be that annoying
person who thinks you automatically care about the tag stitched
behind my neck.

That is all my friends!

Hopefully what I just wrote makes sense.
.. and changes will be made to The Paperdoll... and the entire blog.. very soon!

OK... can we talk about the Emma Stone photo shoot 
for Elle Magazine? 


One day guys.... one day.
I'll be the mind behind these beautiful shots.


  1. Best blogger ever. <3 Samantha B

  2. This is my favorite post of yours yet! :) I can't wait to see the changes xo

  3. you guys make my heart smile.
    thanks for the nice words.


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