Friday, June 10, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Today is a bitter sweet day... mostly bitter.
I have to clean my room out because I am moving home.
It is sweet only because I am one step closer 
to where I want to be in my life.

So as you know.. I love creating the perfect environment...
.. and to me.. my room was my perfect little world.
So you can imagine that it's a little disheartening to take it all down.
But it's exciting because I get to create a whole new creative environment at home!
I love change. I need it always.

So I decided that today I would capture all of the little moments 
that I created over the last two years!
The lighting is horrible in these photos, but...
Welcome to my world.

I know.. it's a mess..... and now it's all empty.

My wall...

The Louboutin photo was a bridesmaids gift from my friend Brie..
I won the Venus statue in Latin class. 
Love that thing.

The Care Bear drawing is the first thing I ever drew free hand... I was 7.
The chucks ink drawing is a card I made for MD.. 
... the anchor is a compass from the girl in the photo with me.

The tape sculpture was given to me as a gift from my really good friend Sarah Anne, who is an amazing artist.  The rooster.. was a gift from my aunt.. they're good luck!
The red birdcage houses a handmade bracelet from my friend Coleen.
.. and I love my Breakfast at Tiffany's photo on my side table. 

These I found in an antique store in the burbs. 
These things are ooooold! You can't recreate something like that.
I added the flower.

This print I bought for $5 at a yard sale. 
Love it.

These held all of my necklaces.
Anchors are really special to me.

So I hope you liked my room!
I have to go... because there is still soooooo much more to do.
Moving is a B.

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