Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lipstick and Stripes

90's Aztec Love Child
... naturally that was the look I was going for.

I love myself some stripes and matte red lips.
Give it to me any day and I'll take it!
This is what I looked like before Black Out Betty.. mm wait.. 
Incoherent Karen is more accurate... took over 
and hit the streets of Allston the other night.


These are my new jewels for my fingies!!!
Ok.. Well only a few are new..

My right hand never looks bad ass enough..
So that's why I bought the cougar cat for my middle finger.
So now I can flip the bird with even more attitude.
That, and.. I am a cougar.

And my left hand is always rockin'.
But I found this huuge blue and red guy at Free People for 10 bucks!
You can't afford not to buy it!

My neck wear is pretty sick.
I layered a Free People beaded fringe necklace with a $6 Forever 21 
spike necklace.  When I saw the spike guy it just screamed 
80's British Punk.
Done aaaaaand DONE.

Clearly when it comes to accessories.. 
I believe in the theory of "the more the merrier."

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  1. molly lawenda likes this (thumbs up). i also believe in the theory of the more the merrier.
    love you!


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