Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boyfans... I didn't forget you!

Hi boys! 
I feel like I've been neglecting you... I'm sorry.

As you know... The Doll House is my tumblr.
This is where I go to post and find photos that inspire me and my everyday life.
So, today! Just for you... I thought I would share my "Men of Tumblr"!!
Hopefully you'll check out their pages and experience their style... 

I love every second I spend looking through these three pages.

This guy has an edge... but a sophisticated edge.
I'm always excited to see what he has to post.. 
... and he follows me which gives him brownie points!



 This guy has the bottom half of most of the guys I know..

His style is clean.. and very GQ.
And not to mention, all the pictures of the manly men he posts make my heart beat faster.

As most of you know.. I think this guy is great.
The greatest.
His taste and style are inspiring.
.. and his personality is the balls.

 I love this room... 
I want to go to there.
With a man.

 Clean and simple.


So I hope I made up for the past few weeks of negligence.
I love you guys and you should totally check these boys out if you
are looking for men's fashion and lifestyle tips!

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