Monday, June 6, 2011

My life.

With my big move home coming soon, I've been getting back to my Interior Design roots.
Thinking about how I'm going to set up my new space.
(My brother's old room... I finally get the bigger bedroom!!)
Kelly Wearstler's My Life My Vibe definitely gets my head in the game.

Kelly, to me, proves the point that you don't have to have one solid profession or title.
You don't have to have labels.

You can be an artist that does it all and is known and highly respected for more than one thing.

I would love to one day be able to design furniture on the side. 
Yes, on the side.  

I'm not a freelance person at my core.
I need a steady paycheck.. and then I can feel good about doing freelance.

.. but it's furniture and spaces like this that inspire me..


... and my favorite.
Bergdorf Goodman

There is no other photo that could capture what I want from this life more than this here..

.. a mother of two boys (sorry if ones a little girl in this pic.. either way the kid's cute) 
in a perfectly designed lifestyle.  
Not to mention a bangin' bod!
..oh and throw a hotty (smart, sensitive & artistic) hubby in the mix too.
I don't ask for much..

I had my cards read recently, and the girl asked,
"Do you plan on having kids?"
She had a somewhat concerned look on her face..
I said "Well yes but not for some time... I've always pictured myself having boys."
Then a huge smile formed on her face and she said, 
"Yes.. that is exactly right."

I think she figured I would have wanted a little fashionista.

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