Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can I NOT be in Kansas anymore???

I wish this was the scene yesterday in Massachusetts..
... but sadly it wasn't for a lot of people.

Thank you Plain Jane for this pretty little pic!

I had major anxiety attacks yesterday folks!
I don't doooo tornadoes. 
I just don't!

Even this!... trying to look all pretty and cute!
Well guess what!? YOU'RE NOT!
You are scary and a poopy-pants.
So there.
That is whyyyyy I will never more to the Midwest.. 
Sorry Missouri.

This was my tribal tornado outfit.... my hair looks like it was caught in the storm.

So anyways.. the show went on and I got home safe!
Poured myself some Skinny Girl Margarita and ate some tacos.

The models looked so beautiful.. every fashion presentation I style reminds me why I love my job.
Oh... and the heavenly trench... sold.

Job well done.

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