Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Home Decor

Sorry for such a late post!
Today was a little crazy.. and by crazy I mean I was an idiot.

**Please read the following in a valley-girl voice**
Woke up.. had some pillow talk with my bffl.. attempted to go for a run..
.. and then I got a phone call..
I totally forgot about my massage appointment.
Whooo does that? Like who am I? 

No but seriously.. 
(you can stop the valley-girl talk)
Can I actually afford to forget about something like that? No.
I'm apparently bad a playing the part of a rich, unemployed, stay-at-home wife.

That is why I will never be one!

So anyways, I had to book it to Walpole.. got my massage.
It was amazing.
Then had an impromptu lunch date.. did some yoga.

And now I am rushing through my Friday post before meeting my friend down town to style the shit out of her!  

But! Before I say good bye I wanted to show off my new home decor pieces!!
The birdcage and lanterns are from my friend Lesa.
And the Portuguese vase is from Neiman Marcus (on sale, of course).

I don't know how I will actually style them in my home,
but they look pretty cool outside!

I love setting up little magical still-lifes!

Have a great weekend everyone! 
Mine will be filled with work and graduation parties..
See ya Monday!

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