Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day Man Post: Nom, nom, nom SHARK WEEK!

Look at this guys... he's like "oh haayyy."

In honor of Shark Week 2011
all of my boyfans need to whip out their you know what!

And by "you know what" I mean your sharkskin suits you all own!
For this week only... I'll allow it.
I think Mr. Pattinson is the only person
who can actually pull a sharkskin suit off..
.. and a teal one at that.

OR! You could whip out your
Jan Leslie Enameled Shark Cufflinks
to show your Shark Week spirit!

Only $375.

Actually these shark's tooth ones aren't bad.

Another Jan Leslie creation for $325.
If you were a professional surfer.. with boatloads 
of cash... and you had to wear a nice suit with a 
shirt that had a French Cuff...
 these have your name written all over them!!

Here's a little fishy tie by Hermes 
for your Sharkskin Suit to nom nom on!

Or... you could celebrate Shark Week
on your couch sporting these little guys..
and ONLY these little guys.

If you do... take a picture.


  1. this post earned a true LOL. whereeeee do I buy those socks?

  2. bahahahaha! i know!.... i have no idea.


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