Monday, October 17, 2011

The most important Holiday

... is just around the corner!

I take Halloween very seriously.

I mean I love Halloween so much that I've taken 
it out of it's month of October on many occasions!

ie: Halloween in April

Grandma & Dead Ballerina

Dance Party

And who could forget the shit show that was my 
Freaky Friday the 13th Halloween in July 22nd Birthday Bash??

I was "Magical".... until I jumped in the pool.
I would have included shots of everyone
however I think my friends would disown me,
or lose their jobs.... and their dignity.

Needless to say, my friends and I excel at this holiday.
The past few years our costumes have been quite competitive.

Candy Corn & Scrabble 2009
Cheer Bear, Dora and Olive Oil 2010

Details! Details! Details!

So the question is..
What will I be this year?

My friend Dobis and I were suppose to be 
East Coast and West Coast Ke$ha.

However that involves me investing money that 
I don't have in a wig, stunnah shades and some skank shorts.
Or, like my brilliant friend Erica suggested, 
I could simply just wear a trash bag.

But last night I had a great money saving idea to be Patch from 101 Dalmatians!
I could wear my Phillip Lim Dalmatian print dress with my 
studded polka dot Guiseppe Zanotti pumps..
All I would have to buy would be ears, a collar and dog bone.

Decisions, decisions.

My options are quite similar here, which makes it more difficult.
 Between Ke$ha and a dog, they both smell, pee outside and drink out of a toilet. 
Ugh! I don't know guys! Help me out!

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