Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my dad's birthday today and...
I love my dad.

Yup! Just me, mah Dad.. and mah wedge!
 Just lovin' Chuck at Water Country.
The Lazy River was our favorite.

He grounds me and makes all the "scary" in my life go away. 


What I call my dad: 
Konstantine, Chuck Noris, Jerry

What my dad calls me: 
My Favorite Daughter, Little Retard, Taryn Leigh Leigh

Things we like: 
Food, wine, going out to eat, wine, motorcycles, BMWs, mini golf, nature.

Things I got from my dad:
My face, my height, my sensitive soul

Favorite Memory #1: 
Summertime when I was little.  I would fall asleep on my dad's belly 
while he watched M*A*S*H and I would listen to the crickets outside through 
the open door in our den.

Favorite Memory #2: 
We were playing catch out in the front yard and I threw.. no chucked.. 
a grounder at him and it went awry, bounced up and hit him in the thigh and turned 
his whole entire leg black and blue.

Favorite Memory #3: 
My dad picked me up on the final day of my Freshman year of college
and my roommate had to sign him in down in the lobby because I was too busy puking 
up the alcohol from the night before and as soon as he saw my roommate he said... 
"She's puking isn't she."  He knows me too well?
After we packed the car up he took me to Wendy's for a greasy early dinner
and said "We won't tell your Mother.. she'll freak."

Favorite Memory #4: 
When he took me on my first (and only) real bike ride
with the boys through the countryside of CT (we're talking Harleys here people).
We stopped at an authentic bikey bar.. but I was too young to have a beer, 
and then stopped at an antique car show.

Favorite Memory #5:
I have a faint memory of going for a long walk when I was 
maybe in high school, with my dad after a huge snow storm.  
It was the calm after the snow fall.. no cars were out and the trees 
were all weighed down from the snow and created white cave-like tunnels.
The roads hadn't been touched.  It was awesome.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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